Advantages Of An Electric Metre In The Office

Posted on October 18, 2015 By

Magnet-Power-Saver-1Over the last two decades, offices are located inside a building along with other offices. Though all offices use electricity, the energy consumptions are not the same on all offices. Some have fewer equipment which use electricity while others have plenty. However, this discrepancy is hard to read accurately and estimates are the only solution since there is only one electric metre in the building. In order to have accuracy on the reading, offices start to install their own electric metre. And as offices continue to strive for efficiency on their energy consumption, the power industry has developed smart electric metre. Prepayment card meters brings more than just providing an accurate reading. You should always test your electrical components with a dc current sensor from Powertek to maximise efficiency in your system. Here are the advantages of smart electric metre for your office.

  1. Faster outage detection – Outage is a hassle for every office. Even with electric generators, works will be interrupted unless the equipment has a backup power supply. Though even with today’s smart electric metre, it is still impossible to avoid the interruption. However, since smart electric metre can detect outages a lot faster, it is possible for offices to prepare their backup generators much faster than before. This way, they can start supplying electricity from generators with lesser period from the time of interruption.
  2. Quicker service restoration – Once the regular service is restored, smart electric metre can also restore the service a lot quicker than regular metres. For offices without backup generators, having the service restored as quickly as possible is the top priority since they are losing money for every minute they are not doing any work.
  3. Control over energy consumption – Unlike regular electric metre, smart electric metre allows power companies to offer time-based pricing for energy consumption. This in turn provides an opportunity for offices to limit their electricity consumption during peak hours to lower their electric bill.
  4. Provides detailed information – Smart electric metre does not only provide the total electricity usage of the office. It provides detailed information including day-to-day reading which allows offices to determine their average energy consumption and whether a particular day exceeds the average. It allows them to have a clearer picture on how the office consumes electricity which gives them opportunities to look for a more efficient ways of energy consumption.
  5. Direct relay of energy consumption to power company – Power companies often send a utility once a month to take the energy consumption reading in the office. This is a risk for the office as a stranger gains access in the office. On the other hand, smart electric metre directly sends the reading to the power company which totally remove the risk.

If your office has not switch yet to smart electric metre, better get one now to gain the advantages of smart electric metre.



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