Car Storage Options in London

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Car Storage Options

A car storage is a type of self-service storage wherein you leave your car in a secured garage or room to park for safekeeping while you are away. Renting one is a usual practice not only for the residents of London but also for most of its inland tourists.

Londoners use this service when they are away to travel abroad or to protect their cars during winter, while tourists utilize them as a means to safeguard their personal vehicles as they take a trip around the British capital.

There are many good and reliable car storage companies in and around the city, so you are sure to find an available one whenever you are in the area. They differ in types, sizes, prices, and service levels to accommodate your budget and preference.

Types of Car Storage

Cars may be stored outdoors, covered outdoors, or indoors. Outdoor storage spaces are the cheapest options but they are still safe and secure. The only drawback is your car will not be protected against direct sunlight. If you are going to be in the area for just a day or two, this is a wise option.

Covered outdoor storage spaces are a little more costly but they still provide shade for your car. The security is also the same as that of outdoor parking because the only difference is the presence of a roof. If you are going to be in the city for more than three days, then you can choose this.

Indoor storage is the best and most secure way of storing your car, but it is also the most expensive. With this option, your car is not only protected against sunlight, but also against any outdoor elemental exposure, such as the changing temperatures, dirt and dust.

Other Options

The best London car storage providers ( for instance) can give you many other options aside from the level of protection your car can get. For example, you can choose to have a long-term contract with a storage company if you are planning to stay in London for quite a while. Long-term leases are usually discounted than transient ones. You can also opt for a single-car space or a two-car space depending on your requirements.


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