Effective Filing System For Your Office

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Paperwork can be a headache, but trying to retrieve one file from a mountain of stacked folders when you don’t have a filing system is a nightmare. It doesn’t have to be this way. Follow this filing system for your office and see how your work gets better.istock_000004581445medium

Mend The Dilemma

The reason why some filing systems are such a mess is because there wasn’t really a system to follow. Slapping a label on a folder and jamming it in the drawer is absolutely not a system. What you need is a plan to sort your files out, so that searching for a specific file won’t feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

Categorize Your Files

Go through your existing files and know which category they belong. Broad categories are the ones that you want to do here, like “Employees” or “Finances”. Don’t worry about precise details of those categories for now; you’ll get on with them later on.

Make Subcategories

Now that you have your “Major Categories”, time to work on your subcategories. Go through each of your major categories and divide it into smaller sub categories. Like your “Employees” folder, you can break it into:

  • Resume
  • Attendance
  • Wages

Use Color Coding

Color coding is a great way for you to easily familiarize with the different folders in your drawer. Imagine yourself in front of a ton of folders looking all the same, and then you have to retrieve and file a specific one, mind boggling right? However if you had your “Employees” file in a Green folder with green subcategories folder too, you won’t have to browse through hundreds of folders just to find the right one because you can easily spot the color.

Putting Label

You had fun picking out colors for different categories? Let’s now move on to labeling. The effective way to do this is to go from general to specific. Example, you don’t just label “Visa Credit Card”, it should be “Credit card: Visa”. And then arrange all the credit cards in alphabetic order, afterwards put them altogether in your “Finances” folder.

Fill Your Drawer Now

For the finale, file your papers into respective major categories, which should be arranged in an alphabetic order.

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