Event T-shirts and Trade Shows

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Event T-shirts and Trade Shows

Trade fairs or trade shows are events where companies are able to showcase their latest products, services, opportunities, and developments in technology. Examples of trade shows include CES for consumer electronics, book fairs for books, and Gamescom for video games. Although most trade shows are open to the public, there are those that require an invitation or pass for people to get in. Such trade shows are known as “trade only” and can only be attended by company representatives, the media, and powerful and/or wealthy people.

Both types of trade shows are attended by a large number of enthusiasts with some of these enthusiasts being high-ranking members of society. And one way to make this event even more memorable is by marketing or giving away event T-shirts.

Event T-Shirts for Trade Shows

Event T-shirts for trade shows are usually given away for free to people who are attending the trade show. These shirts are usually of the affordable variety but still maintain their breathability and quality. Common designs for event T-shirts for trade shows include the trade show’s name in the front with noteworthy activities or events at the back. The date and location of the trade show is sometimes added to the front of the shirt. T-Shirt Box specialise in event t-shirt printing in London.

Custom Designs

There are trade shows that offer custom designs for their event T-shirts at an additional cost. These T-shirts will still showcase the trade show’s name, date, and venue but will have different designs or graphics than the shirts being given away. The customer will be able to choose the design and graphics to be added on the shirt. These designs are usually aligned with the trade show’s theme to promote awareness and for added marketing effect. Trade show enthusiasts oftentimes get these shirts simply to show that they have attended a specific trade show.

Benefits of Giving Away Event T-Shirts for Trade Shows

Although giving away event T-shirts at trade shows seems like a financial loss, it does have its own set of benefits. For one, the T-shirts will serve as free advertising. People who are not aware of the trade show may know of them through families and friends who are wearing the shirt. Another benefit is that more people will be able to know the date and venue of the trade show in the upcoming years. This benefit is very fruitful especially for trade shows that insist on holding their events on the same date and venue for each year.


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