Great Offline Marketing Ideas for Your Business

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These days, everyone knows the value of online marketing. However, some old-fashioned tricks never go out of style. If you want your business to take off, you need to employ offline marketing techniques as well — and these great offline marketing ideas are sure to give your company the boost it needs.

  1. Live Demonstrations and Sample Giveaways

It’s a fact that people like to know what they’re buying. Being able to see, handle, or taste a product before paying for it can count a lot with a potential customer. That’s why setting up a live demonstration of your product or service and giving away samples are highly effective ways of getting your name out there.

  1. Leaflet Distribution

The humble leaflet may not seem like much, but there’s a reason why it has never gone out of style. Leaflets are a low-investment, unobtrusive, yet highly effective way to get your message seen by a lot of people. They can have as much detail as you want — everything from photographs of the product and product details to your company contact information — and won’t take much effort on your part to get them to people who’ll be interested in what you have to offer.

If you’re an estate agent, check out these specific suppliers where you can design, and get your leaflets distributed locally –

  1. Poster Campaigns

Posters are a great way to maximize your visibility. A good design in catchy colors combined with a solid statement will get grab people’s attention and get them interested in your work. Put them up in your shop window and public bulletin boards, and you’ll be sure to attract potential clients.

  1. Business Cards

A good old-fashioned business card is a must-have for any professional. Always have a few of these on hand so that you’ll be ready to whip them out whenever the occasion calls for it. A well-designed business card printed on good material can speak volumes for the name it bears. They’ll help people remember who you are, and enable them to find you when they have need of your services.

  1. Sponsorship

A little goodwill goes a long way, even in business. You’ll extend your market reach if you offer sponsorship to a worthy cause, and there will be no shortage of worthy causes to be found in your area. Becoming a sponsor won’t even have to come at too great a cost to your company. You can offer services in your line of business, such as making the uniforms for a local sports team if you do designs on clothing, or the announcements for community events if you offer large format printing.


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