How To Avoid Locksmith Scams

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When there is money involved, criminals will always be prowling around. They would find any opportunity to take advantage and gain dirty money in any kind of industry. This is also true in the locksmith industry. There will be a bogus company or fake personnel trying to gain advantage and acquire your money or valuable possessions whenever you are in need of locksmith services. Even companies which actually perform locksmith services will look for every opportunity to charge the customers extra in the services they provide.locksmith1 To protect your assets while getting the right kind of locksmith service, here are some tips on how to avoid locksmith scams.

  1. Avoid generic company names. Most of these companies are not registered and would only operate to scam customers out of their money. Generic companies will then disperse when there are customers filing lawsuits. It is better to hire companies established for a long time in your area since most of them if not all are legal business companies.
  2. Ask for the locksmith license. Before you allow the locksmith to do anything to your property, it is better to verify if the person is authorized to provide locksmith services by asking them for their license. Also check their license carefully since some criminals will have a fake license prepared.
  3. Ask for an estimate. If you let a locksmith work and then ask for the charge after the job, oftentimes you will be surprised on the amount and might end up arguing with the locksmith which you will still have to pay. On the other hand, by asking for an estimate before the job, you can decide whether to let the locksmith do the job or contact another locksmith.
  4. Inquire about extra charges or minimum charge. Things like emergency charge or service calls can cost extra.
  5. Compare the estimate from the office and the price of the locksmith onsite. If the difference is significant, then cancel the job request.
  6. Check the vehicle. Locksmiths from established companies have service vehicles with the company brand and logo printed on the vehicle. If the locksmith arrives in a personal vehicle and he belongs in a service company. Be very wary of that locksmith.
  7. If you are only lock out and the lock is not damage, do not easily accept lock replacement job since professional locksmiths have experience in opening almost any kind of lock.

There are other companies which provide service uniforms to their locksmiths which make it easier for you to verify their locksmith. During the job, supervise the locksmith so you don’t have to worry about any lost or misplaced items afterwards. Always look for a locksmith with a good reputation that you can trust like Locksmiths for Romford.


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