How To Choose A Leasing Company For Photocopiers

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For most small companies especially those who are just starting, photocopier leasing Liverpool is much more efficient than purchasing a new unit since the extra money can be allocated in purchasing other important office supplies. Leasing a photocopier requires fixed amount every payment and the total amount can be deducted in the tax whereas purchasing a unit can only cover a percentage of the cost as tax. However, not all leasing companies offer the same. It is important to know how to choose a leasing company for photocopier.Photocopiers-large

  1. Contract – The contract is the most important part of the deal. You must make sure that no hidden or additional charges are included in the contract. You don’t want to spend additional money due to some hidden charges. The length of time is also important in the contract in order to provide you flexibility in case your company can afford to purchase a brand new photocopier.
  2. Cost – With limited budget and multiple office supplies needed in the office, it is necessary to consider the leasing cost of the photocopier. It is better to check multiple companies to know which of them can provide a quality unit on a cheaper amount.
  3. Location – Location is also important when choosing a leasing company. It is necessary to call for an emergency repair from the company to fix the photocopier and avoid losing operation time and possible income.
  4. Package – There are different kinds of packages leasing companies offer for a photocopier. A package which includes regular maintenance and emergency repair free of charge should be the minimum package to look for in order to avoid spend more for the photocopier. Some would also include extra features like printing and fax which your office might need.
  5. Reviews – Checking customer reviews can provide crucial information on what kind of unit, performance and company service to expect. There are companies which rarely provide maintenance and some personnel would charge extra or do a poor job which is a red flag in your office operation.
  6. Units – The number of units, brands and models available should be important. Your office needs a specific set of features, copying speed and output which some photocopiers are not capable. A leasing company with multiple options for units can surely provide a photocopier that will meet your office needs.
  7. Upgrade – A leasing company which allows upgrades is crucial. The photocopying needs of your office may increase or the unit you are using may become obsolete thus needing an upgrade. Avoid going into long term contract which does not include unit upgrades to avoid future trouble.

By following the tips above, you can definitely find a leasing company which suits your office needs when it comes to photocopier. With your photocopier problem solved, you can then focus on choosing other office supplies that you need.



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