Introduction To Multi-Axis Machining

Posted on July 30, 2015 By

Since the industrial age, our focus on machineries has become more and more apparent. We have relied far more on machineries like we never had before. And machines have greatly influence the manufacturing industries to the point that it is replacing manual labor at a terrifying rate. Factories and manufacturing plants are now more reliant on machineries than manual labor. There are several reasons why the manufacturing industries have chosen machines over human labor and are still trying to develop machines which can someday operate without any reliant from a human throughout the whole production process.5-Axis-Waterjet-Cutting-Head

Modern machines are not anymore single process machines. Nowadays, multi-axis machining is readily available which allows computer numerically controlled equipment to perform 4 steps or moves in manufacturing process. There are even machines which are more refined and can perform 5 axis CNC machining.

Human error is a weakness that could only be minimized and impossible to completely eradicate when it comes to manual labor. Some maybe minor issues but others are major mistakes which cost a lot of time and resources for the company prompting them to look for a more efficient means. The industries found the answer in the machines. Machines which can perform 5 axis CNC machining or more are far more accurate than humans especially for systematic and rhythmic processes within the production process.

The cost of production using manual labor is also more expensive compared to production which relies more on machines performing multi-axis machining. Machines doing 5 axis CNC machining has more upside since these machines would only require minor human intervention and regular maintenance to operate compared to human employees which have several basic needs.

The speed of production also increases greatly when the manufacturing process is mostly done using 5 axis CNC machining. Humans get tired and would need breaks every now and then during production. Meanwhile, machines can perform even several cycles of manufacturing process before the need to rest the machine especially those which can do 5 axis CNC machining.

The quality of the finished product are also higher when the manufacturing process is mostly done using 5 axis CNC machining compared to basic machines or manual labor. And quality is very important not only for profits but also for consumer experience with the product gaining loyal customers and more profits in the near future.

The evolution of the machines are not limited to 5 axis CNC machining. There are already machines capable of performing up to 9 axis steps. And in the future, manufacturers hope to find a way to completely rely on machines for production without a single human intervention.


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