Little Things That You Can Do To Keep The Office Clean

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cleaningHave A Physical Inbox

Not everything is online despite the fact we all now use computers or how advanced your office maybe. So for all the paperwork that comes every day, make sure you have a drawer or shelf for it so it doesn’t pile up on your desk.

There Should Be A Trash Bin Next To You

People have the tendency to just put trash where they can see it ‘temporarily’ so they don’t forget to throw it away when they get up. But you know that doesn’t happen and most of the time they forget. So be sure your bin is close to you so that all rubbish goes straight to where it should be.

Avoid Things That Can Cause Clutter

If you don’t need a hard copy for something have it emailed to you instead, files that you don’t need every day shouldn’t be on your desk, and put those office nick-nacks in your drawer as much as possible. Better to prevent mess from the start than let it pile up and end up with a cluttered desk and no time to tidy it.

Set A Regular Time To Clean

There’s no getting round to it so why not just get it done? If you set Fridays to sort which files to keep and throw, wiping, and sweeping they won’t stay a mess. If you and your staff however have little time then why not outsource your cleaning to office cleaners essex.

Save Important Information Into A Soft Copy

Stop keeping flyers; post-it-notes, or anything simply as a reference when you need the information in the future or to remind yourself that you need a replacement for it. Take a picture of it or scan then keep it in a pdf file, in fact there are even oragnisation apps availbable now. You’re more likely to remember when you see it in your phone or find it faster when saved in your computer.

Clean Before Leaving

Make it a point to clean up before you head out. No need for thorough scrubbing, simple things like putting the pens back in the drawer and filing the documents where they belong keeps your cubicle from being chaotic.


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