Tattoos In Business

Posted on December 4, 2015 By

business+and+tattoos+sleeveHaving a tattoo in the business industry is a controversial topic. This is because there is so much prejudice when it comes to hiring those who are tattooed. Though there will always be the argument that “you should never judge a book by it’s cover” we always will, it takes us 4 seconds to make an assumption about someone based on looks. Tattoos have a negative stigma attathched to them.

For years people have believed that if you get a tattoo you are a low life and a degenerate, and if you are covered in tattoos then even more so. The truth is however that tattoos do not define someone’s ability or nature. Tattoos are in fact an expression of style, just like choosing to wear a dress or a suit to work. Though tattoos will be there for the rest of your life unlike a clothing choice it does not effect anyone’s ability to work well within an office. So why not get one, always go with the best though.

So why is there still a negative stigma in the business industry?

The stigma attatched to hiring those with tattoos within the business industry remains due the matter of opinions to others. Those within the business industry tend to have a more reserved opinion when it comes to others but due to their position of power it is a lot more difficult to change their opinion.

It has taken many years to do so but the goal of equality may finally have been achieved in the workplace. Suddenly those that may have never been hired due to their tattoos are now in a position of power themselves and boom! The cycle has been broken and the business industry still remains better than ever.


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