The Importance of Knowing Cycling Law and your Rights

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cycling law

Cycling is indeed a great and fun activity. However, don’t you know that cycling comes with cycling law that aims to regulate certain laws and prohibitions for cyclists? To be a cyclist, all you need to have is a bike. You do not need a license to use your bike. Whatever type of cyclist you are, it is essential that you know your responsibilities and rights in law as a cyclist. Aside from your right and responsibilities, it is highly recommended that you also consider such factors so that in times of cycling accidents you could handle well the situation.

During cycling accidents and if you have injury then there are things that you need to do. Bicycle accidents can result in scars, permanent tattoos, serrated bodies and person’s disability. According to cycling lawyers, Cycle Injuries – those people responsible for causing such damages are accountable. If it is not your fault then you have the right to claim for damages and injuries. Things that you need to do when you are injured because of cycling accidents are listed below:

  1. Wait for an authority to arrive- It is important that you wait for a police to arrive in the bicycle accident scene so that you can file a report to them. There are instances that people tend to realize they are injured after few hours after the bicycle accident. Never leave the accident scene without filling a report. Never attempt to negotiate with the person who caused accident. You should wait for the police so that you’ll know all needed documents that you need to prepare.
  2. Give statements for the Accident Report- Police with get statement from you and motorist. Do all the things so that the police can get your statement. Never attempt to fake things. See to it that you will give honest and accurate statements.
  3. Obtaining Witness and Driver Contact Information- Never leave the accident area without getting contact information of driver and witness. Try to get their driver’s license number, phone number, home address, insurance details and more. In addition, get contact information of witness. In case you cannot get such information then you can hire or ask bystander to accomplish it for you.
  4. Seek for medical record and medical attention as well- Whether your injury is minor or major, it is important that you get immediate medical attention. Never forget to ask for your medical record. You can use your medical record for claiming suitable compensation. Document your injury and damages to your bike. You must have several pictures taken of your injuries as your proof.
  5. Seek a Professional Advice- Seek an advice from a person who is knowledgeable when it comes on handling cases like these. A lawyer who specializes on handling case like this can give suitable and accurate advice so that you can protect your right.

Things listed above will enable you to protect your right under the cycling law. Once you are involved in cycling accident and if you are injured then it is important that you follow all things listed above.


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