Tips To Avoid Burglary When Leaving The House

Posted on June 30, 2015 By

Chelmsford is among the current places with high crime rate. Many people are feeling that even their homes not safe anymore. People with great security system in their homes still find that burglars visit their homes at least once. And some people with no advance security system never experienced having someone broke into their houses. So what makes the difference between the two? Surveys show that the big difference between the two is that people with only minor security system practices several effective ways in discouraging criminals from breaking into their homes by making them think there are people inside the house even when there isn’t. imagesHere are some effective ways in which these people practices to discourage thieves.

  1. Make it hard for people to break in the house and make other people think the house is occupied. Criminals need to be swift in breaking into the house or else the neighbors will alert the police for suspicious activities. If it is hard to break into the house, criminals will give up than risking of getting caught.
  2. Lock everything whenever you leave your home or before going to bed. Criminals will look for every opportunity to steal or break into your home. Even for short periods of leaving the house like going to your neighbor or getting a delivery, make sure that the house is lock so no one can sneak inside. It is also better to use additional locks inside the house which cannot be opened from outside to be safe while you are sleeping.
  3. Turn on the lights even when you go out. Dark houses can give burglars the opportunity to break inside. Turn on the lights to make them think that you are home. For vacations, using timers for the lights would be efficient and effective in discouraging break-ins.
  4. Arrange for someone to regularly get the newspapers and other deliveries that might give hint to criminals that you are away on vacation. A friend or a neighbor will be perfect to ask for this task. Inform subscription companies to stop deliveries until you come back from your vacation.
  5. Lawns will become untidy if left unattended, have a gardener tend your lawn while you’re away.
  6. Have the best locksmiths in Chelmsford check your locks and have them install the appropriate locks to prevent burglars. Make sure the windows and doors will be hard to break in.
  7. Close your garage and lock it properly.

Though these methods are effective in discouraging burglars, it is never too much to incorporate quality security system with these practices to prevent crimes as much as possible.


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