What To Consider For Removal Of Safes From Your Office

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safe-removalistSafe is a very important place to store and secure important documents, equipment and money. It is durable and can store valuables in ideal conditions. Though safes are very tough and could last for a long time, there are times when a safe removal is necessary. Before the actual removal of safes, there are certain things which require some attention. Here are the things to consider for removal of safes.

  1. Urgency – You need to determine how soon you want the safe to be removed. If you want it removed as soon as possible, you need to be careful not to make any mistakes which might cost you some cash.
  2. Quality of safe – Old safes might break while under tremendous pressure. Unless there are no valuables inside the safe, do not perform safe removal rashly on your own. If you also want to simply relocate the safe, try not to damage the safe as much as possible.
  3. Dimension – Large safes cannot be removed on your own. You need some help to assist you in safe removal. Trident offer this as a service. You also need to consider whether the safe can fit through the door. If it doesn’t, you can either disassemble the door or have an expert do it.
  4. Weight – Safes especially the large ones are heavy. It is impossible for a person to remove the safe alone and difficult even with the proper tools. Small safes can be removed and relocate alone.
  5. Materials surrounding the safe – Safes installed in the wall are often surrounded by concrete or hard wood. It is hard to remove the safe without damaging the surrounding wall. If the potential damage on the wall can cost hundreds of cash, it is better to hire removal of safes services instead of performing it yourself.
  6. Location – Most if not all safes are located at the safest part of the building. Some could be several stories above ground while others are at the basement. If moving the safe from the room would require it to go through an elevator shaft or several floors of transport, it is better to hire a safe removal company.
  7. Manpower – If you have the sufficient manpower to perform safe removal, it is reasonable to do it. However, if the manpower is insufficient, it is better to leave it to the experts.
  8. Budget – If you have the budget to hire a safe removal service, do not hesitate to hire one to free yourself from the time, effort and stress of removing safes.
  9. Removal service – Make sure to check several removal service companies before hiring one to get the best service.
  10. Packages – Some safe providers or safe installers also provide safe removal service. Check the contractor of the safe if they offer safe removal. You can also check if the safe removal company can provide a package which includes installation of new safe.

Now you can avoid damaging your safe or your room since you know what to consider for removal of safes.


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