Why Businesses Want Employees With a Driving Licence

Posted on October 9, 2015 By

business-driverHaving a driving licence is very useful for many aspects of life. One of these is in your employment. As a job applicant, having a driving licence listed on a CV can secure you a job. But, why are driving licences so important and what advantages can they have in your professional life?


Having a drivers licence often means that you will have a car. Having a car and licence is something highly desired by an employer, as they want their employees to be as flexible as possible in terms of working hours. If you are needed to stay at the office an extra hour, get in an hour earlier or come in on your day off to perform overtime, having a licence means you can get to and from work quickly and easily no matter the day or time. However, if you do not have a licence, chances are that you rely on public transport or friends and family members to take you to and from work. This probably limits you in terms of hours you can work and overtime.

Work Type

Some jobs need someone with a driving licence to undertake them. This is not limited to delivery jobs such as stock delivery or delivery of groceries. For example, a real estate employee must be able to drive so that they can get to and from properties. So, a driving licence may be a complete necessity for you to undertake certain jobs.

Carpool Programmes

Businesses are always eager to put carpool schemes into motion, to show clients and competitors that they are a green business. Therefore they encourage carpooling greatly. They even provide you with benefits such as dedicated carpool lanes and parking spaces, not to mention that you are likely to be paid for some petrol money.


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