Why Your Company Needs A Hot Foil Machine

Posted on July 15, 2015 By

Before I can explain why your company needs a  metallic elephant hot foil printing machine I have to explain what a hot foil machine actually is. Hot foil printers or hot foil stamping machines are one of the oldest forms of printing however it’s popularity is still unquestionable despite it’s traditional background. Foil printing can be used for a number of different reasons such as leather, photograph albums and even foil printing upon cars.1744751275389451-580x385 kwikprint-86-aa-big-bench-hot-foil-stamping-machine


With hot foil printers the possibilities are endless which is why your company needs it. Sure printing on plain paper with ink is practical and gets the job done but to impress clients printing in metallic colours are much more impressive.


The printing process itself is dry due to there being no ink involved which means less spillages and less problems. Hot foil machines are therefore a quick and easy way to print with metal that will allow for increased profits on behalf of your business.


Hoy foil or hot stamping machines use a metal plate or a traditional printing type like loose letters in order to stamp the hot metal onto a product. Once the dye is hot it is placed onto the plate and then pressed onto the desired products. This process is quick as per item it takes a matter of seconds. The only issue being is that the foil needs to be pressed onto a flat object.


Now you know what a hot foil machine is you can see how great it is and why it would be a great addition to the office.


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